Cards The body - my land

See yourself in nature and find nature in yourself. See in yourself... the landscape! The cards are ideal for daily self-body work, as well as for forest bathing (also for guides) and for coaching.

Look at your body differently than usual and find the natural landscape in it…. Start looking at yourself as a fascinating nature with the “My body – my land cards. These are cards for self-body work, forest bathing, coaching and meditation.

Do you want to feel good and comfortable in your body?
Do you want to treat your body with heartfelt tenderness?
Are you looking for a way to see yourself from a different perspective?
Do you need tools to help you establish a respectful and warm relationship with yourself?
Do you have a deep connection with nature or long for a primal connection with it?
Are you tired of judging your appearance through the prism of beauty and ugliness?
Are you a coach, a forest bathing guide or do you conduct development workshops and could use a set of materials to work with?

If you can answer “yes” to at least one of these questions – have a look what I have prepared for you!

See the landscape in you

What do you say if I invite you to look at your body as a fascinating forest world? Have you ever tried to see the landscape in yourself? To see that your shapes have their counterparts in nature?

I want to show you a perspective that changed the way I look at my body. I would like to introduce you to the “My body – my land” cards. With these you will:

– Build a positive image of your body
– Discover the beauty of bodily imperfections
– Look at your body from a different perspective
– Establish a deeper connection with nature
– Feel at ease in your body
– See that you are a unique and inimitable landscape
– Start to take more care of your health
– Discover fascinating similarities between your body and nature
– Move your imagination to self-development
– Deepen a warm and heartfelt relationship with your body on a daily basis

What do you say if I invite you to look at your body as a fascinating forest world? Have you ever tried to see the landscape within yourself? To see that your shapes have their counterparts in nature?


I received the cards as a gift and it was a beautiful, though not at all an easy gift to receive! In a very gentle and sensitive way, they showed me that I had a ‘shell’ that I needed to come out of, to break down the wall that was between me and my body, even though I thought it wasn’t there. Slowly by reading them and being with them on a daily basis, I opened up to myself. And I still do. I think I’m much more accepting of myself because of them. It’s a super gift for everyone, no matter what stage they are at in building a relationship with themselves. /Justyna Kolodziejczyk/

Do you want to treat yourself and your body with warm tenderness?
Are you tired of having your body judged by the way it looks?
Do you want to feel good about yourself?
Are you looking for soothing and calm in a forest atmosphere?

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What does The “My Body – my land” set include?

“My body – my land” is a set that depicts the body as a fascinating landscape, through which you will see that looking for parallels to the body in nature and finding it in yourself can be a fascinating play, the side effect of which is tenderness and cordiality towards yourself.

It’s also an inspiration to take care of yourself and a moment of calm, deepened reflection. Together with the cards you will develop a relationship with your body, spirit and nature. It will be just your time.

What does the “My body – my land” set include?

– 31 cards with beautiful images and helpful activities for everyday life and to support forest bathing, coaching, meditation and personal development.

– “My body – my land” e-book – which will give you the insight into the influence of nature on body perception and teach you the ways to use the cards. The e-book includes the author’s forest bath “My body – my land”, and a meditation.

– Specially designed waterproof bag with a forest motif to take the cards outdoors.


The “My body – my land” cards offer a beautiful opportunity to meet yourself. Not only do they foster attentiveness and finding peace within oneself, but they also help to rediscover your own body, to gain respect for it and to love it unconditionally. We are, after all, an important part of nature! The individual exercises also provide a beautiful prompt to pass on the love of the body and nature to children. The cards captivated me so much that I decided to order a second set for a friend for her birthday Agnieszka Wyrembak, Skarby jogi dla dzieci

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What are you actually buying?

An everyday tool to look at the body with warm tenderness in the midst of your many responsibilities.

Great kit for coaching, development work and for forest bathing.

An unforgettable and unique experience of the body as a natural landscape and a deepening connection with (your own) nature.

The body – your home

Are you wondering if this is for you? Will you know how to use the cards?

That’s why I’m putting into your hands not only the cards, but also a content-filled e-book, in which I introduce you to the world of working with the cards.

I take you through the issues of the body, its imagery, describe in detail the forest bath and meditation. I explain how to prepare, use the cards, under what conditions you can work with them.

Are you afraid of such an expense?

How about if I reveal to you that the design and making of this product is more than a year of creative, conceptual and, above all, artistic work?

Together with a graphic designer, we created cards that give you the opportunity to see nature in yourself and yourself in nature. My insights were poured into the image so that you could/can see your own beauty in the cards!

The artwork, printing and packaging itself is one thing! But in this price you get an e-book based on scientific research, a ready-made forest bath in audio version, and a meditation. These are separate components that I decided to combine with the cards for your overall experience.

You have a complete set to use on a daily basis for coaching, meditation, forest bathing and body work. These cards will reveal to you the fascinating world of nature and looking at your body as a part of it, resulting in heartfelt tenderness towards yourself. It’s a new – natural world!


Thank you Emotions in Nature for the Cards, they are beautiful, unique and have been with me at every workshop and all forest baths since I got them. The participants are always delighted with them. Beautiful imaginative illustrations and wonderfully described invitations. I recommend them with all my heart Ciałoczułość MaryJane

Photos were taken by Dominika Andrzejczak @kobiecosci.

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About me

My name is Iwona. I am a guide and forest bathing instructor, a coach, and I run dance and movement workshops.

I have done many things in my life that have led me to where I am. All the paths have led me to the home, which is enclosed in one word – NATURE. The one outside and the one inside.

When I immersed myself in the forest atmosphere for good, my first discovery was seeing the similarity between nature and the body. At some point, I felt the need to channel my actions into a movement focused on getting in touch with my own body, images, and emotions. By becoming a coach, I connected all the dots into a holistic experience supporting body and mind through coaching, movement and nature.

Based on my experience and observations, I created the cards “My body – my land”, a months-long project to help you find the beauty within yourself through nature.

I invite you on a journey through the land – your own body.

See that you are a unique and remarkable landscape. Recognize yourself in nature and find nature in you. See that your shapes create… the landscape!


See that you are a unique and inimitable landscape. See yourself in nature and find nature in yourself. See that your shapes create… the landscape!

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Frequently asked questions

For whom are the "Body - My Land" cards?

For woman, man, mother/father, wife/husband, partner/partner, single/single, for everyone!

They will work perfectly for your daily morning and evening rituals, for coaching, for forest bathing and for working with yourself.

They will reveal to you the fascinating natural world of which you are a part.

How were the cards created?

It’s a long story! This idea developed like a seed, and more cards even came to my mind on their own while looking at various shapes, natural landscapes and my own body. The very concept of the cards also crystallized in the forest – under a pine tree and on coaching in nature, and eventually I saw it in its entirety while rocking on a hammock. The creative processes were set in motion, the forest did its job.

That’s why I’m so anxious for this forest atmosphere to accompany you as well, to open up new ideas in you, and, above all, to be a source of your self-confidence and a healthy, warm and respectful approach to your body.

Won't the cards get damaged in the woods?

The cards are covered with a layer of foil, made of thick material, and I include a hand-stitched, waterproof pouch for storing them. It was designed specifically for cards – it has a size and capacity dedicated to carrying cards 🙂

When I get access to the e-book?

You will receive the e-book as soon as you pay for your order, in an email 🙂 You will be able to read e-book before the cards are delivered.

Even before the delivery of the cards, you will be able to read the content and fully prepared with the cards you will be ready to go on your forest adventure right away.

Can the cards only be used in the forest?

Of course not! The only limitation, is your imagination (although, in fact, the cards also serve to stimulate it!).

You can use the cards at home, in the park, at the beach, on a walk. What is necessary is your thoughts, your head, your body. You are the most important element here.